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Criteria for filing a lawsuit against Conn's Furniture

Boss Law handles cases involving incessant phone call and harassment from Conn's Furniture. Learn more about the criteria to file a case and recover compensation.

Transcript - Criteria for Conn's Furniture Lawsuit

Are you receiving harassing calls from Conn's Furniture?

We are currently receiving cases against Conn's Furniture.

The criteria is this:

1. Conn's was calling your cell phone after 2015.

2. You told Conn's to stop calling

3. And Conn's called you at least 20 times after you told them to stop.

We take these cases on a contingency, which means we only get paid if you get paid.

And these cases can be worth up to $500 per phone call.

So if you are getting calls to your cell phone from Conn's Furniture, please give us a call today.

Thank you.