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Never pay a credit repair company for an error on your credit report

Don't pay a credit repair company to fix credit report errors. Call our attorneys at Boss Law for help. We take cases on contingency fee, so we don't get paid unless we get money for you.


I'm Chris with Boss Law.

You should never pay a credit repair money if you have a mistake - a true mistake - on your credit report.

How a case works where you can get represented for free by an attorney, is if there is a mistake on your credit report and the credit report doesn't fix after you dispute it, even just once, you have a case.

And that's a case that attorneys like us will take on contingency.

So if you have a mistake, don't pay a credit repair company.

Call lawyers like Boss Law and we'll help you dispute it to the credit bureaus.

And if they don't fix it, we will take your case on contingency.

We make our money by suing credit bureaus. We don't want you to pay.

So if you have a mistake, call us today.