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How we work with you on credit report errors

Learn how Boss Law works with clients who need help fixing credit report errors.


How does the Boss Law system work?

First, we are not a credit repair company - you do not have to pay us to help you dispute errors or mistakes on your credit report.

This is what we do: We are a law firm and we will sue the credit bureaus if they don't fix your mistakes.

And so how we work with you, is we will review your credit report with you for Free.

If there are mistakes on the credit report, true mistakes, we will help you dispute those mistakes to the credit bureaus.

If the credit bureaus don't fix those mistakes within 30 days, you might have a case.

If you have a case, we will take it on contingency (which is like a car accident case - we don't get paid unless you get paid).

And when we file the suit against the credit bureaus, one of the things we want is for them to fix it permanently.

So if you have mistakes on your credit report, please call us for a free consultation today.