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Do not hire a credit repair company

Boss Law explains why credit repair companies won't help fix your credit report, and what you can do to fix it yourself.


Hi I'm Chris with Boss Law, and this is why you should not pay credit repair companies to dispute negative remarks on your credit reports.

So, credit repair companies, all they do is send generic letters over and over again to the credit bureaus, hoping that a negative remark on your credit report will just fall off.

Most of the time, if the negative remark is accurate, it is going to stay on there.

Which is why the credit repair companies are kind of bogus.

But you can do this yourself.

Feel free to go to our website and download all the free dispute letters that are pre-addressed to the credit bureaus.

If you're going to dispute information on your credit report, go ahead and do it yourself for free.

If you have any questions, please give us a call for a free consultation. Thank you.