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Credit issues when purchasing a home

Facing credit report errors when buying a home? Boss Law can help fix these errors so you can move forward with your purchase!


Hi, I'm Chris Boss with Boss Law.

We've all experienced that nightmare situation where, on the eve of closing, a credit error pops up on a buyer's credit report, and it kills the deal - which kills commission and kills their dream of owning a home.

Boss Law is NOT a credit repair company.

What we do is we sue the credit bureaus for these errors.

Most importantly, we are asking the credit bureaus to remove the error. And sometimes this happens in as little as 45 days, which lets this buyer buy the house again, and gets you paid commission.

Please call us for a free consultation, or tell your clients about us.

We only take cases on contingency - which is like a car accident - we only get paid if we recover money for the client.

So please call us today if you have any questions about mistakes on a credit report.